Spice Up Your Schedule

Spice Up Your Schedule

Catch a live music event in Star, ID

Does it feel like your month is dragging on and on? What your calendar needs is some hot hip-hop and reggaeton beats dropping all month long in Star, ID and surrounding areas. Essense Outflo Records and our associated artists are performing music shows at a venue near you. All of our artists perform together and individually to create a unique experience that will get you moving.

For our full music event schedule, see below.

You won't want to miss these events

Just a few of our upcoming music shows include:

September 11 - Catch us performing at Jefito Hats 2nd Annual Car Show, featuring some favorite local food vendors, raffles and tricked-out rides.

September 24 - This show lasts more than four hours with open admission and will take place at Ironwood Social (21+) featuring all of our artists.

September 26 - We'll be busting out jams in Caldwell, so mark your calendar now.

Call 208-571-1963 for more information about upcoming music events in Star, ID and beyond.