Get to Know These Rising Stars

Get to Know These Rising Stars

Our studio works with several music artists in Star, ID

Essense Outflo Records is changing the Star, ID music scene by partnering with music artists like:

  • Kimeraz - Based out of Puerto Rico, this Caribbean-style hip-hop and reggaeton artist and master producer has been making hits and making a splash in the production business for over three years.
  • Bam"boo" - Former pro basketball player and current reggaeton sensation from Puerto Rico, Bam"boo" has been making music for almost a decade and has been with Essense Outflo Records for years.
  • Evol Jay - If you like experimental sounds and vocals, you'll love this dance-crew-member-turned-Rasta/reggaeton artist.
  • Javi - New York-based phenomenon Javi masterfully mixes salsa and free style with reggaeton sounds.
  • Junior - No one blends reggaeton, Latin urban hip-hop and experimental sounds like star producer Junior.

Our music artists also tour together in the Star, ID area. Check out our Events page to see what's coming up.

The next star could be you

Want to become a chart-topping hip-hop music artist? It all starts with finding the right producer. Essense Out Flo Records works with all kinds of reggaeton, Rasta, salsa and hip-hop music artists, and you could be next. Contact us today to get started.